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At Futurescope we want to sow and lavish favour into our clients and community. 

Futurescope Sports Management was founded late 2018 and  brought to life early 2019. Since then, we have worked hard and proved ourselves by making a statement in a very fast competitive industry . Our Chief Executive Officer’s favourite phrase is “All or Nothing” whenever we have a plan or we aim to do something, we either do it properly to a very high standard, working hard non-stop until we achieve that goal or we just don't do it at all. This is our basic standard at Futurescope: when we have a plan we make sure it is accomplished effectively and that is something we are known by. Although we are fairly new, we are growing and expanding massively due to the level of expertise we have on board.


Our aim as a company and as a family is to inspire, support and guide all of our clients on their journey to reaching their greatest height of success in both their professional and day to day life. The targets we set upon ourselves are always high because we want to give our clients all the support they deserve throughout their career. This is our key motivation, we will always go the extra mile to attain this. We appreciate our clients for putting their trust in our company and we can only pay them back by delivering the best service.


Our specialties involve client development and moulding their career into what we believe will take them forward. We do this by giving advice and building a close relationship with all clients. We also have services educating our clients about their field of work assisting them at any point within their career. 


Futurescope has an incredible team, they are accessible at all times to answer any enquiries and are great with building/sustaining relationships.


We believe that life gives everyone lemons and we want to ensure that our clients use their lemon to make the best lemonade. Unleashing clients potential is the minimum requirement, we want to take their potential to the next level, work closely with all clients to bring the best out of them and defeat every challenge they struggle to overcome.


Not only do we aim to give our clients the blueprint to a wonderful career we also aim to give them a blueprint that would unleash another wonderful career avenue once their current career comes to an end. Futurescope will assist all clients to the best of the company’s ability throughout their time with us. 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kolade Kareem B also known as ‘Kareem’ is the Founder and Chief executive officer of Futurescope Sports Management, a company that looks after elite Athletes and Entertainers. Before devoting his work fulltime to Futurescope sports management and his other businesses, Kareem worked at Lloyds Banking Group as a customer service assistant and was once a Forex Trader. 


Kareem aims to be very effective, taking full responsibility for Futurescope and its clients growth. Guiding everyone through day to day decisions and also assisting with advice which will lead to everyone moving forward happily. Currently working with great talents across the globe, Kareem hopes to build a successful company with hard working genuine intermediaries that would also work with great talents. 

In addition to looking after his businesses, Kareem also coaches whenever he has the time to. He coaches kids who aim to fulfil the dream of being a footballer, he does this voluntarily for the community to keep kids busy doing the right thing, for discipline and also to keep the kids in the community dreaming and believing

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