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Why us?



We have identified some of the key problems between agencies/agents and players and we have decided to mention them whilst also mentioning how we can assure these problems do not take place during your time with us. 

  • Lack of transparency between agents and clients; We aim to be fully transparent with all our clients. We will not make any final decisions without clients approval. 

  • Over at Futurescope we care about one thing and that is having our clients best of interest at heart. We would not take any greedy actions that would only benefit us. 

  •  Trust; Everything we inform our clients will be truthful, we will never misinform our clients or keep them from knowing the truth about information/situation. 

  • We understand how sensitive it is to overshadow a person's career, hence why we will never put ourselves first and always put our clients first to ensure they benefit from their hard work. 

  • We plan on giving clients the best advice with with structured back up plans to always fall upon

  • We are very knowledgeable when it comes to the industry and also when it comes down to the sports being played. Not only do we take time to learn about the sports, we have also coached and pertaked in it. We can always watch players' games and give full analysis on how we believe they can improve their game. 

  • We will always look for ways to benefit clients, looking for ways that would impact their career in a positive way. 

  • We will treat all clients with the same respect and manners towards them and their career, working extremely hard on all their behalf. We are all a Family and together we shall move forward. 

  • We do not make promises to our clients but what we actually do is set realistic targets for them and ensure we see it through by working our hardest. 

Community Events & Charity


We are keen on helping out the community and this is something we  believe in strongly. Once every year we will reach out to our communities and see what we can do to help to bring everyone together, this will allow the kids to meet their favourite Footballers and also to ask questions, have a great day out with their families whilst creating memories they will forever cherish. Every winter we will also attempt to send gifts to different charities of our clients choice and possibly get some clients to drop off gifts in person. As stated we want everyone to feel like they are a part of us; we are not just a company but a family that cares about everyone around us.  All our clients will take part in our company Community events and Charity unless there is a reason why they cannot.

Mental Health


At Futurescope we understand how massive Mental Health is and we guarantee we will always be here to help. This is not a service just for our clients, No this is a service for everyone we can help, whether you are part of Futurescope or not. We care about our Clients and their families, Staff at Futurescope and everyone in our community. Not only will we point you towards the right direction to get the best help possible but we will always keep in touch with you to see how you are progressing and what else we can help with if possible. In sports we believe Mental Health can sometimes be overlooked but we believe it is a major thing as Sport candidates face major challenges during their career and so do their families/Friends. 

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